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Ursa Major











If God were a mother bear

My mother bear

And all the earth were her cubs

I would throw my arms around her girth

Press my face against her fur

I would feel her breath wrap itself around me

And she would comfort me.

If I listened to the strong beat of her heart,

My ear melting into her chest

My heart would start beating with hers

Until I loved all the earth like my own cubs

And being


Heart beating

Would be enough


Photo by Karin Jonsson


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I want to be a tree in the woods

Where my branches reach rough and tumble

            toward the sky

And tangle with the leaves of neighbors.

A tree with a child’s uncombed hair

Where vines climb

And moss points the way home.

Where survival is both fight and collaboration

In the struggle, we share all we have.

In a storm, the forest trembles together

The one shelters the other

And no tree quakes alone

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