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Writing about…

I’m going to pretend that this is not my first blog post so that I don’t have to do the introduction thing. I just want to get past this first entry and jump into the real thing anyway.

I have a few topics that I really want to write about on this blog. First, after years of tentatively dipping my toes into the water of writing, I think I am ready to dive in…or at least wade in up to my ankles. As I start to write, though, I am finding that what I am wading into is murkier than I expected, so I would really like to keep a journal of the process.

Second, we are approaching some very big life changes. I want to write about what lay before, what lies ahead, and all the fog in between.

Third, and this is a shorter term hope…I’m about to participate in a read-along of Brene Brown’s book I Thought It Was Just Me. Depending on how personal my responses are, I’d like to blog about my journey through the book.

Probably you want me to explain why I chose the blog title Greener Grass. Get used to disappointment. Just pretend it’s something really poetic and deep.


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